St. Patrick’s Day Roundup

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St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, as is Spring Break around here. That can mean a lot of idle time for our little ones. This is a great opportunity to spend some time together with the kids doing some fun crafts and activities. Here are some ideas that I have found from around the web that can make for a day or week of fun. Click on the links below to go directly to the tutorials or scroll down and find out more about each one.

1. “St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Plaques” By Plaid
2. “Shamrock Crystals” By Tammy at Housing a Forest
3. “Loopy Rainbow” By Amy at One Arsty Mama
4. “Leprechaun House” By Carolina at 30 Minute Crafts
5. “Rainbow Water” By Jackie at Happy Hooligans
6. “Leprechaun Hat Favours” By Jeromina of Paper, Plate, and Plane
7. “Magic Leprechaun Rocks” By Katie at Gift of Curiosity
8. “4 Leaf Clovers” By First Grader … at Last!

Rainbow hand print art
Photo courtesy of Plaid

St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Plaques” By Plaid
Moms are suckers for hand print art. It is just a fact. Something about seeing those tiny fingers (or toes) splayed out with tempura paint just pulls at our heartstrings. Every time we look at it, it reminds us our babies won’t be little forever and compels us to keep it on the fridge just one day longer. That is why I had to include this rainbow hand print art project on my list of favorites. It is sure to be mom and kid approved.

Photo courtesy of Housing a Forest

Shamrock Crystals” By Tammy at Housing a Forest
This is a fun and easy activity to do with the kids. As a child, science always seemed like too much work to me. Perhaps if I had realized I could play with pipe cleaners and be doing “science-y” things at the same time, I would have felt differently. OK, so maybe your love for pipe cleaners is not as strong as mine (don’t judge me), but still, try this one. Your kids will think it is so cool and maybe when your kids reach sixth grade the words “Science Fair” won’t paralyze them with fear.

Leprechaun House
Photo courtesy of 30 Minute Crafts

Leprechaun House” By Carolina at 30 Minute Crafts
How stinkin’ cute are these little houses? Every time I wander into a craft store lately I am inundated right away by a giant bin of little wooden bird houses. I’m not sure what the rest of the world is doing with these for there to be such a demand. I’m talking about little decorative ones, not ones birds would actually live in, but at any rate, my kids go nuts over them. I never buy them (leaving my kids to trail along after me crying and clutching them to their chests) because I can never think of anything to do with them, until I saw this. The houses are cheap, so we can buy several of them, the kids can get as creative as they want, and when they are done, they will have a blast peeking to see if they have caught a leprechaun. This is a fun must-try project.

Magic leprechaun rocks
Photo courtesy of Gift of Curiosity

Magic Leprechaun Rocks” By Katie at Gift of Curiosity
Ever wonder if the leprechaun makes it to find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Does a rainbow really have an end? This activity will spark the curiosity in your little one as they search for leprechaun rocks and discover what hidden treasure they hold inside.

rainbow ice
Photo courtesy of Happy Hooligans

Rainbow Water” By Jackie at Happy Hooligans
Hey all you moms (or au pairs) out there who are not feeling crafty. This one is for you! (You’re welcome.) If you can pour water into an ice tray, you are pretty much done here. But this ice has a twist. It is – you guessed it — rainbow ice! Serve this up with lunch or dinner, or just as a fun drink at snack time and your kids will think you are supermom. It looks like you did a lot, but really you just waited for water to freeze. You can’t beat that.

Photo courtesy of One Artsy Mama

Loopy Rainbow” By Amy at One Arsty Mama
Where do I start? If color-sorting, fine-motor development, pattern creating, and cotton-ball-pulling fun are not enough for you, then how about the fact that the leftover craft supplies are also a delicious treat? Also, if you do it and accidentally leave it out and the dog eats it, it is really easy to make another one. Don’t ask me how I know this.

Photo courtesy of Canadian Living

Leprechaun Hat Favours” By Jeromina of Paper, Plate, and Plane (tutorial shared on Canadian Living)
Are these bowls? Hats? Either way, they are adorable and can be filled with chocolate coins, so they had me at “Hello”. These are quick to make and make adorable decorations for St. Patrick’s Day. You won’t believe what these are made out of either. Click on over to the tutorial to find out how to make some for yourselves.

Photo courtesy of First Grader … at Last!

4 Leaf Clovers” By First Grader … at Last!
I am so glad I found the blog First Grader…at Last! Sarah has a ton of ideas on her blog for both St. Patrick’s Day and just about anything else you can think of. I love this craft because it is simple but personal. Not only is this craft a great conversation starter to get your kids to open up about what they feel lucky about, but it enforces an attitude of thankfulness and gratitude for what they have. I feel lucky to have found it. Thanks, Sarah, for sharing!

I hope you enjoyed my St. Patrick’s Day Roundup and can walk away with one or more ideas to try at home. If I can ever get my kids to take a break from painting the birdhouses, we will be trying all of these. If you have fun activities, crafts, or snack ideas that you would like to share with me involving St. Patrick’s Day, please leave me a comment.

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