Simple Granola

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I love a challenge.

My challenge lately has been granola.


My father in law challenged me to make homemade granola that is as tasty as the stuff he gets at whole foods. It has proved to be a greater challenge than anticipated.

But I’m getting closer.

This basic granola was batch #1. I wanted to make something super simple to taste and then go from there. Don’t get me wrong, this granola was good. But it was no where near my father in laws (nor my) expectations.

I can’t wait to share some of the amazing granola recipes I am coming up with at home. They are life changing. In the mean time, you can play with this recipe and add or subtract whatever ingredients you would like!


I went with the basics.

You start with oats. Then you add 1 cup of any nut of choice, and 1/2 cup…

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